Competition Rules

1 Eligibility 

1. Anyone may enter and everyone is subject to the same rules, as described herein.

2. Anyone who contributes to the brewing of an entry must be listed as an entrant. The use of commercially licensed brewing facilities is strictly forbidden.

3. All entries will be judged by standard BJCP 2015 categories plus additional modified entries as specified below and described in more detail on the BUZZ web site. If the number of entries in a particular category is insufficient to justify separate judging, we reserve the right to combine categories as needed for ribbon determination.

4. In order to give all entries the attention they deserve, we reserve the right to limit the number of entries based on the number of qualified judges available.

2 The Entry Process

1. ALL ENTRIES MUST BE REGISTERED ONLINE! You may enter your beers using the entry form. Registration opens May 1st and closes May 13th!

2. Entries must arrive no earlier than May 4th and not later than May 16th.

3. Entry fees will be $7 for the first entry, and $5 for each additional entry from the same brewer(s).  You can make payment on the registration site.

4. We will accept a maximum of 2 entries per each BJCP category 1-33. 

5. We will require two unmarked 10-16 oz brown or green bottles with a bottle ID form attached with a rubber band on the outside of each bottle (glue or tape is not acceptable). Please attach labels around the NECK of the bottle. We will accept marked caps if the marking is blacked out with a black or blue marker.

6. We require a complete and accurate entry form with each entry. We reserve the right to disqualify any entry for incomplete paperwork or for failure to comply with any of the rules stated here, so please prepare your entries and complete the bottle ID and entry forms carefully. Disqualifed entries may be judged, but will not be eligible for prizes or awards and will not be returned  to the entrant. All entries become the property of the Boneyard Union of Zymurgical Zealots. 

3 Where and When

1. Entries should be sent to the address below and arrive between May 4 and May 16st, inclusive.

2. The entries should be shipped to: Boneyard Brew Off, c/o Triptych Brewing, 1703 Woodfield Dr., Savoy, IL 61874. It is legal to ship your entries via UPS or air freight. However, you will probably be asked the contents of your package. Since the person asking might be unaware of the details of the law concerning the shipping of beer for competition purposes, acceptable answers are nonperishable food, or glassware. Further details should not be necessary.

3. You can drop-off the entries at the Triptych Brewing address listed above. Prepare the bottles as normal with labels attached with a rubber band. Please put entries in a six-pack carrier and boxed with a minimum of packing along with the fees.  Drop offs can be made during normal business hours. Please see the following website for hours of operation --

4 Judging

1. If needed, some judging may be conducted prior to May 20th by local judges. The main judging will be conducted on Saturday, May 20th, 2017 starting at 9:00 am.

2. The winner of each category will go on to be judged for Best of Show. The 1st, 2nd and 3rd beers in each category will be awarded ribbons. The Best of Show winner will receive a commemorative plaque.

3. Every attempt will be made to guarantee appropriate serving conditions during judging for each beer.

5 Categories

1. The base categories are standard BJCP 2015 beer and mead categories. We reserve the right to split or combine the categories as needed for the purpose of having a sufficient number of entries in each judging flight. When this is done, the beer will still be scored according to how it was categorized by the entrant - the beers with the highest numerical scores will win the combined category.

6 When Should I Expect Results

You've spent months or years perfecting a beer recipe, a day brewing it, anywhere from a week to six months fermenting, racking, packaging, conditioning, and lagering it, another week or two packing it up, shipping it off, and waiting for the competition judges to have their say. So when should you expect to see results? Come judge or steward, and you can see results immediately! For those others, how does five to seven additional days sound? We're a very small club whose active members all have jobs, families, and other demands on our time. We've just spent months preparing for and hosting a competition. We want to make sure we get it right-- we owe that to the entrants. So take a deep breath, walk the dog, read a book, brew another beer. As Charlie Papazian would say, Relax! Results will be posted and scoresheets sent out.