September Meeting Notes

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September Meeting Notes

Postby OtherTim » Fri Sep 08, 2017 8:25 am

BUZZ meeting 9/7/2017

September mid-month drink up is scheduled for 9/21.
- We're looking into arranging the pedal bar. It is $300, seats 10-15 people and runs for 2 hours. They have two time slots, 5:30pm and 8pm.

October Mid-month drink-up has been moved to 10/7.
- The meeting was switched in order to accommodate Riggs' Oktoberfest festivities.
- The drink-up is now on a Saturday at the CU Oktoberfest where Riggs will be serving. It's on the corner of Neil and Washington by the Children's Hospital.
- It is $5 to get in, benefits go to DSC
- More information can be found at

October Meeting is scheduled for 10/19 at Riggs
- This is our mead meeting, so plan transportation accordingly.

Grain Buy
- The grain will available for pickup late next week.
- An itemized list of costs is being calculated. We needed to incorporate shipping costs.
- Pay by check or via PayPal
- If paying by check, leave it in an envelope.
- If there is a production worker at Triptych, flag them down when picking up the grain otherwise talk to the server.
- When the grain is available, please pick it up as quickly as you can. If you can't pick it up within a few days, please PM myself or Caleb ( We can pick it up for you and store it in either of our basements.

Riggsfest Volunteers
- If you volunteered at Riggsfest and have not collected your swag, please contact them. They have a list of people who still haven't collected their items.

- $10 is due
- Pay by cash to Greg/Mattox or PayPal (use the email for the Send Monday to Family/Friends option)
- This money is used to cover insurance for the club, subsidize club meetings and events, gets you access to grain-buys, and discounted club events.

Rum Barrel - Rumpelstiltskin
- We racked more than 59 gallons of a rye mild into the barrel last Sunday.
- There was a slight overflow and it restarted fermentation where it foamed up about 1/4 gallon of beer. Everything is conditioning properly now.

Bus Trip - Saturday 10/28
- Trip will involve a visit to Black Acre, the square neighborhood, and the last leg will be a stop in the broad ripple neighborhood.
- Deadline to sign-up will be the first weekend of Oct.
- Cost will be $40 for non-members and $20 for due-paying members.
- Need at least 25 of 44 seats.
- Feel free to invite your friends or significant others, but preference will be given to BUZZ members.
- Deadline to join will be the first weekend in October.
- Look for an email or forum post by Greg A.

- PresidentDictator - Tim Schilling
- Vice President - Jackson Fliss
- Treasurer - Mattox Beckman
- Secretary/Scribe - Brother Tim Bossenbroek

Presentation - Tripels/Trappist ales
- Presented by Brother Tim
- Great presentation
- Awesome selection of commercial beers
- Solid homebrew. Would have been better if he had shared his single with us though!

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Re: September Meeting Notes

Postby OtherTim » Wed Sep 27, 2017 3:12 pm

I had the wrong url for the C-U Oktoberfest information. The correct one is:

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