April Meeting Notes

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April Meeting Notes

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BUZZ Meeting Notes
April 4, 2019
1. Barrel Project: From Bryan (see his email): Bryan will be going to Louisville next Friday to pick up the barrel. Get your kegs to him sometime this week so we can fill the barrel next Sunday.
Future projects and cost of barrel: Bryan will send an email out regarding the cost of the barrel. If you would like to participate in future barrel projects but were not able to participate this round, contact Brian so that you can contribute to the cost of the barrel.
2. Boneyard Brewoff will be held at the Triptych Memery June 8.
a. The website is up and registration is open. See the website for instructions regarding entry drop off. http://brewoff.buzzbrewclub.org/brewoff/
b. Sign up to be a steward. No experience necessary.
c. Sign up to judge. If you want to be a judge and are not BCJP certified, talk to Jackson and take the online BJCP quiz. BUZZ will help pay for this.
d. The after party will be at the Memery and Triptych as well.
e. Judge swag: Jackson is working on getting coaster with a BUZZ logo made for the judges.
f. Competition coordinator: Larry
g. Judge Coordinator – Adam / Jackson
h. Swag Wrangler – Tim S.
i. Food Wrangler – Bryan
j. Registrar – Mattox
k. Head Steward –Yukiko
3. Judging Class –
a. The next class will be this Sunday, April 7 at Adam’s place. We will be tasting Pale Bitter European Lagers and Czech pale and premium Lagers (BJP styles 3 a,b, and 5) Contact Jackson if you will be attending or are willing to pick up the beer. barleyrat@gmail.com
b. Off Flavor Tasting: Jackson will be purchasing an off flavor kit and set a date prior to the competition. There is limited room, so priority will be given to BUZZ members who have been attending the class and judges who have been attending the class. BUZZ will also subsidize the cost for club members.
4. Wild Yeast Experiment: Maggie Wachter will be working on a local wild yeast experiment this summer in conjunction with 25 O’Clock and Big Thorn Breweries. She will need 25 participants to brew batches of beer, cider or mead from wild yeasts collected by her bees. Volunteers will be paid $20. Stay tuned for more information if you would like to participate.
5. Brew Year resolutions: If you have ideas for activities for the club to do, or ways to improve the meeting, please let Tim Schilling know. Some ideas being kicked around include: mini BUZZ club competition so that you can get good feed back on beers brewed throughout the year, and a tech demonstration on how to build something for your brewery.
6. Dues: Please pay your dues ($10.60) if you haven’t already. Follow the link to PayPal at the bottom of the BUZZ website http://www.buzzbrewclub.org/. Dues are used to cover liability insurance costs and other club expenses.
7. BUZZ T-shirts – Contact Jackson if you would like to purchase one or more. They are $8 each. Pay Mattox Beckman through PayPal. mattox@beckman-park.net. Make sure to select “sending to a friend” to avoid extra charges.
8. BUZZ Glasses – Contact Tim schilling711@gmail.com, if you would like a BUZZ tasting glass (limit 2 per member). $4 each. Pay Mattox (see above)
9. Happy Hour:
a. Next Happy Hour: April 17, 6:00 @ 25 O’Clock
b. June Happy Hour: June 6 at the Memery. Time TBD. We will sort the beer for the competition then have a pre-pre-competition party at Triptych!
10. Next Meetings:
a. May 2, 7:00 pm @ Riggs
b. June 6 see happy hour above
c. June 20, 7:00 pm @ Possibly at Riggs
11. Presentation: No presentation given. Please contact Tim Schilling if you are willing to do a presentation.

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